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How Can Chatbots Save Your Business Money Today?

Communication is consistently subjected to transitions. Sometimes, these developments go beyond common comprehension, and that's what leads to human evolution.

There's no denying that the introduction to automation technology has given wings to numerous businesses out there. But has it done enough to enhance the interactions between businesses and their clients?

The answer to this question lies with the software that is soon going to embrace almost every company website on the Internet. It is known to the world by the name of CHATBOT.

The chatbot is easily one of the fastest-growing technologies that offer immense benefits to a successful business. Most importantly, it is a pre-programmed software that your business must immediately incorporate if your motive is to grow and save money in 2020.

Why chatbots and why their benefits can't be ignored?

First off, you must know that a chatbot is actually a bot and not a human. Keeping your expectations too high can deteriorate your efforts. In other words, perceive technology as integral to enhancing your business and try to integrate it with the workforce instead of thinking it as a substitute for human resources.

Now that we are clear with the purpose of uniting technology with conventional methods, let's analyze why chatbots can do wonders for your business.

Easing the work pressure

The corporate world never sleeps, and that's a fact. When you are in a market that stands on competitive services, pricing, and resources, you need to be well-versed with the interventions that can pave your way to success. But for that, the competent workforce at your place must justify its potential.

That's not going to happen unless and until people at your place work in a sound environment. "We'll effectively manage the workload during the time of crisis"—it's easier said than done. That said, to relieve your manpower from the immense workload, you need a chatbot that can automate redundant tasks.

In concrete terms, ai chatbots help the professionals to stay away from all the time-consuming steps involved in solving prevalent, predictive, and simple queries raised by the customers.

  By: Harmeet Singh

How will Customer Support Chatbots Improve Your Customer Experience?

And AI said, "Let there be human emulation," and Chatbots appeared on the world stage. Replace "said" with "support," and there's an answer to address all the irregularities with customer care.
But let's not directly assume that the conventional customer support system has flaws, for it has been serving the needs of numerous people for quite some time now.
However, there's no denying that it can be enhanced just like every other domain that has embraced contemporary technology.
The enhancer, in the present day, presents itself in the name of Chatbot—chatting + robot. You all know it from somewhere. Don't you? What about your regular Google assistant or the widely proclaimed Siri working under your belt as your virtual partner?
For long, these virtual assistants have been presenting themselves as win-win representatives for customer support. Most importantly, you know them so well.
Thus, all-in-all, we are talking about bringing in these Internet bots to give you a world-class experience while you strive to solve your problem. Not as unexpected as it appears to be. Isn't it? But admittedly—extraordinary.

First off, let's understand the sophistication of chatbots

In straightforward terms, chatbots are computer programs designed specifically to emulate humans. This is done by saturating these programs by:

—Pre-written generic responses

—Information extraction algorithms

—Knowledge about their operational domain/environment

Chatbots, with the help of these aspects, are able to parse the customer input. Subsequently, they search for the keywords from associated databases and present a viable solution. This is what a straightforwardly designed chatbot can potentially achieve.

However, upon integrating the concept with Artificial Intelligence, things become interesting. Because AI successfully leverages Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), it is able to facilitate a bot good at decision-making and swiftly strategizing the responses.

ML and NLP continually improve chatbot's approach to solving your problem. Let us consider the case of Mr. X to understand this.

Mr. X, an entrepreneur, consistently moaned about his computer's slow-working. He messaged Support Genie to gather information about how to solve the issue. Instantly, a screen popped up with Support Genie's bot inquiring about Mr. X's problem.
Frustrated as he was, X constantly complained about the disruption in his routine activities due to the computer's slow processing. The bot responded with some solutions and even offered to connect X with a real agent. The issue was soon resolved.
After a few days, X returned with a similar problem; however, now the problem resided on a different television. God knows how X used his digital devices.
Anyways, everything remained the same except the bot's responses, which were more detailed, authentic, and engaging. The bot, this time, managed to offer solutions without having to send a suggestion of "connecting to a human agent."

It did that by learning from previous conversations. Such systems, which have been prepared to understand human emotions, can consistently improve—a fact liked by all the prominent entrepreneurs of the world and, unsurprisingly, by Mr. X.

    How Are Customer Service Chatbots Redefining Support?

    Chatbots can be helping tools as well as virtual humans. For this precise reason, the possibilities of their success cannot be scaled. Nevertheless, the baseline for the same can be put into words.

    1. Reduction in dependence on the human workforce: Every time a customer rings the support bell, a human has to be assigned to inhale the queries. But that can be readily achieved through customer support chatbots. For simple questions, the pre-written responses can provide relevant solutions, thus, entirely eliminating the need for assigning a customer service representative. This further enables the organization to reserve their competent agents for more intricate cases.

    2. Bridging the gap between humans and technology: Let's call a chatbot an Interface. When a consumer reaches customer support, the chatbot instantly rises to the occasion. It engages the consumer in a conversation and, upon request or the analysis of the complexity of the case, transfers the conversation to a representative. In that light, it acts as an integrating interface.

    3. Defining the word "availability": Now, this is something that overpowers every predicament that opposes the consolidation of customer service chatbots. No human can be available for 24*7 and 7 days a week. It's only possible when the organization invests in hiring night- and weekend-shift staff. However, a chatbot can achieve this feat, and you know that. Programs never get exhausted, period.

    4. Saving additional costs: This is in direct association with the aforementioned aspect. Because the customer service domain is one of the busiest, organizations need to recruit and administer a considerable workforce. Considering the fact that chatbots exist in the present day, the money spent by these firms appears to be ill-directed. In short, invest in chatbots and expect the ROI to increase significantly.

    Chatbots influence the customer experience

    The surroundings enriched with the regulation of digital media and the prominence of social media reflect upon the changing user behavior. The same applies to the case of chatbots, which are no more oblivious to the common eye. In simple words, the existence of numerous chatbots in the market has actually scaled the expectations and trust in customer support.

    The changing customer feels

    A decade ago, hardly anyone nodded to the thought of resolving problems using an Internet bot. The scenario, however, has significantly changed since then, and people are more inclined towards using chatbots for their daily requirements.

    Strong belief on productivity

    Because chatbots successfully engage the consumers by enabling them to access diverse content, they are gradually being assigned the virtue "productivity." These programs associate relevant and authentic information on the web with the consumer's requirements and, thus, prove them about their effectiveness and efficiency.

    The rising gratification

    Why do people use Instagram? Presumably, because this social networking site facilitates seamless interaction and satisfies people's specific needs. This is exactly what chatbots manage to do when they support the consumer's short-term objectives.

    A source of motivation and enhanced engagement

    Numerous people like Mr. X find it feasible to talk to a chatbot. Simply put, the human's digital emulation, with its consistently learning potential, intrigues the consumers. Hence, people feel motivated to return to these programs to resolve their problems.

    In a Nutshell

    "Chatbots can make an exact replica of the human experience" can be a statement that might appear exaggerated at the moment. However, considering the modern-growth, current scenario of organizational functioning, and the possibilities within the domain of AI, these programs can be the most powerful tools to empower the customer service sector in the forthcoming days. Their contribution to the changing consumer expectations and the overall experience further strengthens their current stance pertaining to being the most time-serving technology.

    By: Harmeet Singh

      4 Compelling Reasons To Hire a Chatbot Development Company

                                Customer Support Chatbots hold the key to Customer Satisfaction

      BY: Harmeet Singh

      When more than 1.4 billion people start preferring chatbots, you don't presume that it's an option anymore — instead, it is a requirement.

      And this requirement quickly changes into a necessity when you realize that your customer support costs can go down by 30%

      Well, that's what customer support chatbots mean for businesses and for consumers alike. 

      You see, in the modern-day, everyone is concerned about their comfortability factor (you too). No one likes to be kept waiting, and therefore, it becomes important, as a business, to cater to their interests.

      When that's the ideal vision, you have to be on your toes every time you interact with the consumer. 

      A hint of deviation and off goes your buyer. He has a host of options to explore from thanks to the immense competition. So, in a way, it all comes down to increasing the customer's satisfaction — a vision that is complemented by chatbots. And a practice that is realized by associating with a chatbot development company.

      Should I Hire a Chatbot Development Company?

      Developing chatbots is not as simple as writing ABC. It requires utmost dedication in bringing out what your audience demand. For instance, if I'm using PayPal and encounter a problem, I would certainly want a human to cater to it since it's about my finances. In that case, the chatbot must understand my query and refer me to the concerned professional.

      Contrarily, if I face any issue with the software and reach out to the concerned website, I would want the chatbot to address and resolve my query then and there because I'm losing my valuable time already. 

      So, it's about priorities. And when it's about priorities, you can't just buy into anything. You have to have the customer support chatbot custom-built as per your preferences and your business's needs. 

      This Is How a Chatbot Development Company Can up Your Business Game

      All in all, it's about having the best chat solution at your disposal — possible only when you associate with competent professionals, for they are adept in employing the latest technologies that could serve the customers in the best way possible. 

      That said, let us hover through the benefits that chatbot development company facilitates.  

      AI Conversational Chatbot

      A hassle-free experience for the customers — well, that's precisely what conversational AI caters to. Chatbot development companies are adept at developing chatbots capable of sentiment analysis and context management. 

      In other words, they empower the bots to be able to emulate a human-like conversation. Some people might object to it; however, technologies like machine learning and natural language processing have made it possible for chatbots to be treated as competent virtual agents.

      Conversational UI Design

      Conversational UI Design or Conversational User Interface (CUI) facilitates seamless interaction with humans through clean, correct, and concise UI.

      Simply put, you wouldn't want your customer to be confused about what step to take next. Also, you wouldn't want to disrupt the conversations between humans and bots in any way. 

      Chatbot development companies eliminate the aforementioned risks by designing clean application backgrounds, putting forth coherent and unambiguous text (for conversation), preventing deadlocks in the conversations, and integrating the NLP engine.

      Scalable Experience

      This is a no-brainer. Consider the scenario where you decide to change the process of acquisition or wish to alter the answers that your customer support chatbot gives to a set of questions. 

      The custom-built chat solutions would allow you to guide the transitions, something that is otherwise a tedious (and sometimes impossible) task if the chatbot is one of the off-the-shelf solutions. 


      The best thing about associating with a chatbot development company is that they would cater to your requirements every time you need them. 

      Since they have provided you with the service, they would be subject to help you further — considering the fact that you've had a discussion about addressing the issues that may arise in the future. Remember to discuss everything prior to committing. 

      Did you know we offer 30 days of our A Conversational Chatbot for free? And that's only a small part of the PRO plan. Click here to create an account for your 30 days free trial (no obligation whatsoever). 

      Video Customer Support and 3 Ways It Is Changing the Customer Service Industry

      The best part about video customer support is that it doesn't require sophisticated technology and still manages to personalize the customer experience like none other.

      By: Harmeet Singh

      The year 2020 was crazy — so crazy, in fact, that there's hardly any need to stress the craziness it cultivated. However, it did play a double-edged sword in some cases, especially in the case of customer support

      When the pandemic hit hard, managers once again revisited the idea of video customer support. Well, it certainly doesn't imply that customer service through video was ever off the table. But, to say that it just didn't [presumptively] fit the bill would be plausible. 

      It's more like, "I know that product is much better, but I'd like to stick with what I have. Why waste energy in trying the new thing out when the old is serving well." 

      Except, the old didn't serve well this time as the customer service industry found itself floating amidst the hardest-hit departments globally. Covid-19 swept away the steadily built customer satisfaction, and now people were bombarding customer service agents out of fear, anxiety, and stress.

      What made matters worse was that customer support professionals worked from home — a first-time experience for almost everyone. This led to a discrepancy in the staff's communication and paved the way for a host of issues, including poor network, only to leave the professionals flat-footed and managers scratching their heads in dismay. 

      Knock Knock! Enter Video Customer Support

      Video Customer Support is a customer-centric approach that allows the agents to interact with the customers on a video chat using mobile or desktop. Our team at Support Genie has been working on customer support software for quite a while now. In our experience, visual assistance is certainly the best way to quickly resolve customer issues and exponentiate customer satisfaction levels. 

      And the best part about such interaction is that it doesn't take a host of resources to carry it out. Based on the business model, either the customer or the agent can initiate a call and discuss at length about the issues. 

      Now, the concept of video customer support is not new as opposed to the common intuitions. For instance, a 2015 Gartner report on customer service solutions talks about video-based chat adoption. It goes on to project that by 2018, one out of every five Fortune 500 companies would be employing basic visual support for addressing customer queries. 

      "Video chat provides customers with a richer sense of presence, personalized experience by helped coordination of communication and the support of emotional expression, and the real-timesharing of content" — Brian Manusama, Gartner.

      So, it sounds reasonable that video customer support was, indeed, looked upon as a viable intervention to gear up customer service during the pandemic. 

      Finally, How Is Video Support Influencing the Customer Service Industry

      Not only does video customer support suffice the capability to ward off irregularities in the interactions, but it also works in favor of developing deeper connections with the customers. 

      1. More Profound Human Connections

      For a second, recall your encounters with customer support. The first thing that comes to mind is a mobile or an email conversation, which is neither hassle-free nor entirely satisfactory. An agent on the other side is bound by certain norms and cannot go beyond to help you resolve your issue. 

      Replace this traditional support practice with video support or live visual assistance. Here, a face-to-face interaction drives the process, and the agent is well and truly in pole position to judge the customer's emotions and tailor the support accordingly. The customer, too, feels a sense of gratification towards the agent and exchanges words of appreciation.

      All in all, the utterly frustrating customer service domain instantly transforms into the perfect branding experience — a win-win for both parties. 

      2. Higher Resolution Rate

      How many times has the customer support agent completely resolved the issue? I bet the number is meager. That's precisely due to the level of sophistication that goes into addressing technical issues and also the level of understanding that the agent and the customer exhibits. 

      What if the understanding of the issues and the subsequent problem-solving process is made super-easy? Actually, we at Support Genie did it. Our new video support tool allows the agent to capture images from the live video and annotate them back with the correct explanation of the area and the procedure of problem-solving.

      This way, video complements the customer support efforts by increasing the chances of customer queries being resolved. 

      3. Remote Working

      The most important thing that COVID taught the world was the importance of productive working-from-home practice. Now that the work-from-home culture has become an integral part of the corporate sector, companies are thinking of switching entirely to remote workings. You can't blame them, can you?

      With video customer support in your ranks, you can always allow for the development of a remote team. Not only is it beneficial for the business for cutting the costs but also for the employees who are often overwhelmed by their 9-5 routine.

      Liked what you read? At Support Genie, our focus is to add value to our audience through engaging write-ups. Oh, and about that — have you used our live visual assistance tool yet? It's comfortable, it's straightforward, and it's a game-changer. Get started today for free!

      5 Ways in Which Small Businesses Can Benefit From the New-Age Help Desk Services

      AI has the capability to significant empower customer service and its adoption at the help desk front makes for a super-efficient customer support.

      By: Harmeet Singh

      According to a report by the Service Desk Institute, communication and role-specific working remain the top skills that service desk managers should have.

      The importance given to these skills points towards a single and the most crucial aspect of customer support — Customer Satisfaction.

      So, when we're talking about the facilitation of an excellent help desk service, we're concentrating on its ability to enhance the experience of the customers. 

      And if in case you haven't been willing to develop a good service desk, you need to think twice. Would you risk letting your retained customers go?

      For small businesses, regular front help desks should be stationed in-house. At the same time, an IT or customer help desk can function remotely or on an ad-hoc basis as per the business's requirements. 

      What Is a Help Desk, and How Does It Work?

      Traditionally, a help desk is a place where the customer support team caters to the customers' issues. In recent times, however, the idea of a help desk as a regular space has taken a U-turn thanks to technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence, in particular. 

      Here's how it works:

      —A live chat, email address or an in-person front help desk can support maintaining visitors lists & directing people correctly.

      —A customer help desk is supposed to attend to queries from your customers, pass on information about products, processes and different services. 

      —Simultaneously, an IT help desk can troubleshoot IT-related issues and facilitate solutions to common problems.

      With the advent of AI and machine learning, helpdesk solutions are faster and more accurate than ever before.

      Gartner projects that by the end of 2021, about 15% of the customer support interactions would be entirely handled by artificially intelligent software. 

      Benefits of the New-Age Help Desk Services

      Improved Customer Relationship

      With AI at their heart, customer relationships would improve massively. Improved customer satisfaction comes from the improved resolution of their doubts and problems. To that end, it must be noted that AI-bots (for example: AI-powered chatbots)have already gained precision in dealing with humans.

      Better Problem Resolution Timing

      The best part of consolidating AI with help desk services is the ability to swiftly address higher volumes of more straight forward queries. This step saves much of the service desk personnel's time, thus, allowing timely resolution of more sophisticated issues.

      Fixed Pricing and Lower Cost

      Small businesses run on a budget, for they have to adhere to a certain scaling strategy. In challenging scenarios, cutting the cost by elimination specific sections of the business seems a viable option. Regrettably, help desks often find themselves on the wrong end of the exclusion process even though their absence can, without a doubt, ruin the business. 

      But in 2021, there's no need to cut down on expenses and place the blame of burden on the help desk — thanks to AI solutions, which not only cut the operational costs but also streamline the processes at fixed prices.  

      Technical Superiority

      With chatbots at your disposal, you no longer have to address redundant queries. These software solutions can work on their own as competent virtual agents. Meanwhile, human agents can work through more sophisticated issues, which require creativity and innovation. All in all, this technical classification of work leads to the evolution of the company's ability to resolve issues.

      Revenue Growth

      "Revenue Growth" is a wonderful phrase, but it's subjective. It's subjective in the sense that growth has a causal relationship with the number of purchases, which obviously requires more customers (including retainers).

      Since AI solutions instantly cater to the issues, they tend to increase customer satisfaction. This, in turn, builds trust and allows for higher conversions. 

      Besides, the fact that these solutions can be employed at affordable costs further increases the profit margin and, subsequently, the annual revenue for the company.


      There's no denying that help desk services work as a company's spine. Planning to run a company without them is an error you would not want to commit, at least if a continuous bloom is your vision.

      In case you don't have the bandwidth for a manual team, intelligent bots always have your back. It's 2021, after all. 

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